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Hello, and welcome to The DJ University.

Your home for DJ tools, tips and resources.  We offer straight-to-the-point guidance for aspiring and established DJ’s who want to raise the bar in their market, through genuine connections and tutorials.

If any of the following applies to you, then you’ve come to the right place.

  • New to DJ’ing, learning your craft and wanting to make it better
  • Established DJ who wants to take their business even further
  • A ‘weekend warrior’ looking to save time and offer better resources for their clients
  • Frustrated and tired of seeing the less talented succeed
  • Part-time DJ looking to make your business into a full-time career
  • Older DJ seeking to learn modern tactics to stay in the game

Where to go and what to do next?

  1. Read through the free tutorials, follow us on social media and engage with us!
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  3. Head over to our TRAINING/COURSES to learn more and dig deeper.

Is DJU A Membership Site?2018-08-09T21:59:20+00:00

No.  At this time, DJU is committed to helping others with free tutorials, and paid for “modules” on our website, as well as paid for resources to help DJ’s grow their brand, and their business, and to grow in the right direction!

Why Aren’t They All Free?2018-08-09T21:57:38+00:00

We put countless hours into our paid content.  Charging for it allows us to create more, and even better content.  There is so much to share, and so much to grow from speaking with other DJ’s and entrepreneurs.  We appreciate your continued support and with your help, we will build DJU into the best resource on the web for DJ’s growing their business.

Are Quicklists Just For Lazy DJ’s?2018-08-09T21:55:48+00:00

The short answer is “No”.  DJ Quicklists are playlists that have had hours of expertise put into them.  Listening to them over and over again and perfecting each and every genre to have a balance between genres and/or artists that work well together, content that is appropriate for primarily weddings, but also corporate events and private parties.  Aside from the countless hours of research and work put into them, they are also legitimate in helping your customer service, and close percentage.  When you offer clients guidance during your sales call or client meeting, you are giving them ideas.  You are showing your expertise, and building influence.  And, the best part about Quicklists as that they can simply be used as a starting point for your own creativity and expertise as you expand, edit, and even create your own for your clients.  I recommend rebuilding the playlists in Youtube Playlists, and Spotify Playlists so you can share them with your clients to stream and enjoy!

Do You Sell the Music of the Quicklists?2018-08-09T21:50:43+00:00

No, the music is NOT being sold.  Just the playlist.  The playlist is professionally programmed specifically for special events and comes with a PDF and PPT that you can edit and customize yourself.  You can share these with your clients in digital form, or print form, to get their creativity flowing when programming the music for their events!

What Are DJ Quicklists?2018-08-09T21:49:23+00:00

DJ Quicklists are professionally programmed playlists, specifically created for wedding and event DJ’s.  Either cohesive genres, or cohesive vibes, in roughly 90-minute playlists.

Why Do You Want To Help Others?2018-08-09T21:44:01+00:00

This one is simple.  Because you’ll only get closer to the top, by helping others get there too.  And aside from that, as a DJ living in Southern California in one of the most competitive markets in the country, I’ve been fortunate enough to personally DJ over 1000 weddings and events, and I want to share all of the difficult things I’ve learned and grown from with others.  I want to help others reach their desired level of success faster, and more efficiently, and I want to help those who are not fortunate enough to have the volume of work and support group that I was able to have in Southern California.  I want to raise the bar in the event DJ industry by teaching others about how to run a business, so they can focus on the music, and their talent.

DJU Mission Statement2018-08-09T21:37:52+00:00

“The DJ University (and Matt Phipps) is committed to helping DJ’s grow their brand, and their business while helping to unite DJ’s to come together and raise the bar in the event DJ industry.”

When Was the DJ University Founded2018-08-09T21:34:25+00:00

The DJ University was founded in 2016, by DJ Matt Phipps.  Matt Phipps resides in Southern California and has been building content and helping others build their DJ career for many years.  Matt was the Vice President of the ADJA – San Diego for many years, and worked alongside other DJ’s to educate and grow as DJ’s.  Matt thought it would be awesome to take this type of “group” content to the next level and share it on a national and even international level, to help DJ’s grow as people, as business owners, and to overall work together to raise the bar in the DJ industry.