/Are Quicklists Just For Lazy DJ’s?

Are Quicklists Just For Lazy DJ’s?

The short answer is “No”.  DJ Quicklists are playlists that have had hours of expertise put into them.  Listening to them over and over again and perfecting each and every genre to have a balance between genres and/or artists that work well together, content that is appropriate for primarily weddings, but also corporate events and private parties.  Aside from the countless hours of research and work put into them, they are also legitimate in helping your customer service, and close percentage.  When you offer clients guidance during your sales call or client meeting, you are giving them ideas.  You are showing your expertise, and building influence.  And, the best part about Quicklists as that they can simply be used as a starting point for your own creativity and expertise as you expand, edit, and even create your own for your clients.  I recommend rebuilding the playlists in Youtube Playlists, and Spotify Playlists so you can share them with your clients to stream and enjoy!

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